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Complete Security Solutions

Alarms and Electronics Installations in Altoona, PA

With more than 40 years of experience, Smithmyer's Electronics in Altoona, PA, wants your persons and your property to stay safe and secure. Be completely confident knowing your greatest assets have the highest level of protection. We have an impressive suite of security systems that can be completely tailored to your risk level and your specific concern.

Discreetly secure your home with automated burglar alarms, motion detectors, and door access control. Keep an eye on your loved ones with intercom and camera systems.

Our systems aren't leased out like the competition; after a one-time charge, the system is yours and includes a year of free system monitoring. Even better.

Thieves can smell weakness in your security, and are constantly looking to exploit your vulnerabilities. We take away the worry of break-ins and intruders by monitoring our systems 24/7. We recognize the need for discretion in addressing security concerns.

Sleep easier with an alarm system from Smithmyer's Electronics in Altoona, PA. Call 814-946-9380 today.